AmerMed Tart Cherry supplement contains a 10:1 extract of tart cherry. Tart Cherry is very rich in antioxidants. Free radicals present in the environment attack the cells of our body, damaging them and causing health problems. When the body digests these damaged cells, uric acid is produced as a by-product. However, antioxidants bind with free radicals and prevent them from damaging cells, therefore, indirectly lowering uric acid production. Uric acid is the chief culprit behind the pain and inflammation of gout. The excess uric acid in the blood crystallizes and accumulates in the joints causing extreme pain and swelling. However, since tart cherry lowers uric acid production, there is no excess and joints remain healthy and free from deposits and pain.

In addition to being an excellent remedy for gout, tart cherry extract also prevent cardiovascular diseases, is thought to reduce risk of cancer and delays the onset of ageing.


  • Tart Cherry extract 10:1
  • Other ingredients: Natural gelatin capsule, Maltodextrin


Recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day – 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner.

Will This Produce Long-Term Result?

Tart cherry supplements have been shown to have long-term benefits. They lower incidence of gout attacks and also make future attacks less severe. However, it is recommended that this supplement be taken continuously and not just when a gout flare-up occurs.

AmerMed Tart Cherry Gout Price

A 120-capsule bottle of 550mg strength is priced at $11.95, but a pack of 4 bottles can be bought at a discounted price of $8.96 per bottle. Further quantity discounts are available if the supplement is bought in bulk.

AmerMed Tart Cherry Gout Guarantee

The company offers a full refund on products returned within 30 days of being delivered. However, they do not accept returns of bulk purchases of 12 or more bottles.


There are several tart cherry supplements available in the market and all of them have relatively similar results. If looking for a cherry supplement for gout, it is recommended to select one that has standardised value of anthocyanin, which AmerMed’s supplement does not have. By standardizing the content of anthocyanin in the capsules, the effectiveness of the supplement does not vary with batch or time and constant improvement can be seen.

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