Gouch is a product made by Redd Remedies designed to encourage a healthy inflammatory response and promote healthy uric acid levels, which helps to relieve gout. Gouch relieves these symptoms through a blend of antioxidants and herbs to target three key functions to promote joint health: normal kidney function, healthy uric acid levels, healthy inflammatory response. Gouch capsules comes in a very bright red box with white lettering on the front.


Key ingredients in Gouch include:

  • Cherry fruit extract: Provides antioxidants and supports normal uric acid levels
  • Healthy Kidney Blend (boerhavia root extract and couch grass extract): Nourishes kidney function which helps metabolize uric acid.
  • Ginger Root extract: Encourages a healthy inflammatory response
  • Quercetin: Promotes healthy uric acid levels

What’s The Dosage?

it is recommended to take two capsules twice daily for the first three days, the two capsules daily thereafter.

How Much Does Gouch 120 Capsules Cost?

Gouch is available for purchase directly on the Redd Remedies website. You can buy either 60 or 120 Gouch capsules. 60 capsules costs $29.99 while 120  will cost $57.99. Using the recommended dosage that would have one bottle of 120 capsules lasting for around 57 days, or almost a two month dosage.

Redd Remedies also offers free shipping for purchases over $75.

Is It Guaranteed?

No, I could not find a guarantee for Gouch anywhere on the Redd Remedies website.

I was able to find many reviews for the product on Amazon. Overall Gouch had a 4.5/5 star rating from 21 customers which is a great sign for prospective buyers. By far the vast majority of buyers rated it at 5 stars and thought the product worked very well.

Closing Comments

Gouch is a product which contains many ingredients to fight to symptoms of gout and bring relief. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly. The doseage is a manageable amount, after the first three days which recommends 4 capsules a day users then reduce to two per day. The bottle is priced fairly and a bottle of 120 capsules will last for almost two months. Gouch was not guaranteed by its manufacturer so for buyers looking for that peace of mind.

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