Source Naturals Cherry Fruit contains anthocyanin and flavonoids that protect tissues from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Cherry extract also maintains appropriate uric acid levels in the body and melts away the needle-like uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints of gout patients.



Ingredients In Source Naturals Cherry Fruit Extract

Dosage Of Source Naturals Cherry Fruit Extract

1 to 2 tablets can be taken three times every day.

Possible Side Effects

Cherry Fruit extract does not contain any yeast, dairy, gluten or animal extract and is suitable for vegans. It is also free of sugar, salt, starch, soy, wheat, preservatives and artificial colour. So it is suitable for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and gluten or dairy allergies.


A bottle containing 90 tablets costs $14.98 while a bottle containing 180 tablets costs $27.98. (A 90-tablet bottle lasts one month) This is comparatively slightly lower than the cost of other cherry extract supplements available in the market.


There is no mention of any guarantee on the website. There are also no customer reviews or details or manufacturing practices used mentioned on the website. There is nothing to prove the effectiveness of the product.

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