Gout Relief is a capsule medication made with a formula of herbs and nutrients to assist in the relief of the symptoms of gout and to help maintain healthy uric acid levels. Gout Relief is manufactured by Herbs of Gold and promises to relieves symptoms of gout by maintaining healthy uric acid levels.

It contains Sour cherry & Celery to bring about relief. Gout Relief comes in  brown glass bottle with a blue and white label on it.

I looked into Gout Relief to find out whether it delivered to relief that it promised by checking, ingredients, cost and guarantee.

Ingredients In Gout Relief – Herbs Of Gold

Ingredients in Gout Relif include:

  • Cherries and Celery seed: Used for the symptomatic relief of gout.
  • Vitamin C: Maintains healthy uric acid levels.
  • Potassium: Maintain healthy uric acid levels.
  • Citrate, from potassium and magnesium citrate,: Alkalizing effect which maintain healthy uric acid levels.

Dosage Of  Gout Relief – Herbs Of Gold

For relief from the pain of gout symptoms, users should take 2 capsules, twice daily. Gout Relief should be taken with food, or taken as directed by a healthcare practitioner. To maintain relief from gout, users should continue to take 1-2 capsules, daily.

How Much Does It Cost?

60 capsules of Gout Relief cost $48.45 from the retailer. If buyers were to take Gout Relief as directed this would mean that one bottle of Gout Relief would last just 15 days if you were to use it for acute gout pain or around 30 days if the user was taking Gout Relief to stay gout symptom free.

Is It Guaranteed?

No, I could not find a money-back guarantee on for Gout Relief on the provider website.  the website did, however, have Quality Assurance page which reassured buyers that all Herbs of Gold products were of the highest quality.

I was also unable to find any customer testimonials giving support to Gout Relief.

Closing Comments

Gout Relief is a product which offers a good, all natural, solution to the pain of gout. It is a product which promises to help relieve the pain and maintain a pain free status. The ingredient list is comprehensive and backs up everything they claim. While the price is a little high considering that a bottle will last 30 days or less, if it can do as it promises perhaps it is a small price to pay. Unfortunately I was unable to find any money-back guarantee on their website, nor any customer testimonials.

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