Cure Herbals Gout Relief supplement is a natural, herbal supplement that brings relief from gout pain.

Very little information is available about this product and its mechanism of functioning and effectiveness cannot be determined.



The website does not mention the ingredients used in this product and does not provide any details except that they use natural herbs only.

Recommended Dosage

Taking 1 tablet a day at any fixed time (preferably after a meal) works. These tablets can simply be swallowed with some water.

Possible Side Effects

It is a completely natural product and does not have major side effects. However, since no detail of the ingredients is available, this claim made by the company cannot be verified in any way.


This supplement is priced at $45 per bottle. The company website does not offer any discount on this amount.


The company offers a money back guarantee on this product. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with it, you can send it back and the company will issue you a refund of the product cost minus shipping charges.

Is Cure Herbals Gout Relief Worth It?

While buying supplements online, the only things a customer can consider before making a decision is the ingredients, its adherence to FDA approved practices and its price. Cure Herbals Gout Relief fails on all three counts. It does not provide a list of its ingredients and customers cannot evaluate the product beforehand. It is priced at an exorbitant $45 per bottle, which is very high compared to other gout supplements. The company website also has no mention of what kind of manufacturing practices are followed for the production of this supplement and so the quality of this product cannot be judged.

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