BeauMore Marine Energy Gout Relief is made from plant extract and peptides from bonito fish. It reduces joint pain and inflammation.

Bonito extract contains small peptides, which reduce uric acid level in blood. Selenium and zinc are antioxidants that prevent tissue damage caused by free radicals. Guarana is an herbal stimulant that helps detoxify the blood, burns fat and enhances metabolism. Rosemary extract is used to treat muscle and joint inflammation. It relieves nerve pain and stimulates blood flow to the joints.

Ingredients In BeauMore Marine Energy Gout Relief

  • Bonito extract – 200mg
  • Selenium yeast – 10mg
  • Zinc yeast – 30mg
  • Guarana – 40mg
  • Rosemary – 20mg

Dosage Of BeauMore Marine Energy Gout Relief

Suggested usage is one capsule two times a day.

Is This Product Affordable?

Price for a 30 capsule bottle is $45, but since one bottle lasts only 15 days, effective monthly cost is $90. This is extremely high compared to the price of other natural gout remedies.


There is no guarantee offered on this product. There are no customer reviews on the website and also no certifications or institutional approvals mentioned.

Is It Worth Buying?

This product is made of natural (but not vegetarian) ingredients. However, the potency and effectiveness of these components in curing gout have not been proven. The usefulness of zinc in gout is disputed and some experts seem to think that it can aggravate the condition instead of improving it. Rosemary oil has been effective as a topical treatment, but there is no substantial proof of its effectiveness in treating gout on ingestion. In addition, this supplement only curbs pain but does nothing to control the uric acid levels or remove uric acid deposits from joints.

The fact that it is exorbitantly priced is another major negative. Gout supplements usually available are priced in the vicinity of $20-25, and $90 for 30 days is just too much.

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