SuperFit Cherry capsules control uric acid levels in the blood and prevents it from accumulating in the joints and tissue. The red pigment in the cherries contains anthocyanins that block the production of inflammation-causing prostaglandins. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that combine with free radicals and minimize their damaging effect on the body. For these reasons, this product works as an effective treatment for gout.

SuperFit Cherries help regulate sleep patterns and also keep the cardiovascular system healthy. They also help maintain healthy brain function.

SuperFit Cherry Capsules Ingredients

Unlike other products available in the market, which contain many components, SuperFit Cherry capsules contain only one active ingredient and a basic capsule shell.

  • Active ingredient: Montmorency Cherry Freeze Dried Powder (Prunus Cerasus)
  • Capsule shell: Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose


Recommended dosage is 2 capsules of 550mg per day with meals.


A 60 capsule pack of SuperFit Montmorency Cherry 550mg costs £19.95. However, the product is available at a 55% discounted price of £8.95. The website also offers free delivery within UK. Compared to other gout supplements, this is much cheaper.

The reason for this low price could be its simple formulation and limited ingredients.


SuperFit Cherry capsules do not come with any guarantee. However, since it uses all-natural ingredients, there is very little chance of facing any side effects.

SuperFit Cherry Capsules Overall Value

It is a good product and has received good reviews from customers. SuperFit Cherry Capsules are natural and have no side effects. However, the website offers no proof regarding the effectiveness of the product. The product does not come with any guarantee, but for this price, it is worth a try.

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