Fuma Natural Antagut is a dietary supplement that aids in healthy uric acid metabolism and provides relief from symptoms of gout. It not only reduces the blood uric acid level and prevents the formation of fresh crystals in joints but also dissolves existing uric acid crystals.

Morinda reduces soreness in back and knees and is also used as a cure for impotence or infertility. Elipta is often used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat liver ailments and reduce inflammation. It keeps the liver healthy and makes the blood purification process more effective. Alisma looks after the overall health of the kidneys, bladder, spleen and stomach. It is also a diuretic that increases urine production and removal of waste through it. Prunella is an herb with anti-inflammatory properties that reduces gout swelling. Berberine is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat multiple diseases.


  • Morinda (Morindae officinalis)
  • Eclipta (Elipta alba)
  • Alisma (Rhizoma alismatis)
  • Prunella (Spica prunellae)
  • Berberine


Suggested dosage of Fuma Natural Antagut is 3 capsules two times a day.


While the listed price on a 60-capsule bottle is $25, it is available on the company website for a reduced price of $19.50. However, since the daily dosage is 6 pills, the effective monthly price of this supplement is $58.50. This is extremely high compared to other gout supplements.


The company provides a refund on all unopened bottles and one opened bottle within the first three months of purchase. The money refunded will be minus shipping and handling costs. This guarantee is meaningless, as it cannot be used to ensure effectiveness of the product because it is difficult to judge if the product is working in less than 10 days.

Is Fuma Natural Antagut Worth Buying?

The dosage is high and there is no effective guarantee that allows you to make sure that the product works for you. In addition, the herbal ingredients used in Fuma Natural Antagut are rarely used in common gout supplements. These ingredients do nothing to reduce formation of uric acid and have a general diuretic and inflammation relieving effect only.

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