Uloric is a prescription medicine used to treat gout patients with serum uric acid. It is not meant for people with high uric acid levels but without a history of gout.

Uloric is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor that prevents the conversion of purines to uric acid and so, lowers the blood uric acid levels. Lower uric acid means reduced gout symptoms.

Active Ingredient

Recommended Dosage

Patients are prescribed a single dose per day (40mg or 80mg as directed), which can be taken at any time, with or without food.

Possible Side Effects

This medication may increase gout flareups initially. Common side effects include nausea, joint pain, rash and liver problems. In extreme cases, it may cause heart attacks or stroke. People with liver or kidney problems or a history of heart problems should inform their physician. It may also react with certain other medicines.

Uloric Gout Price

One month’s supply of 40mg Uloric costs $160. Eligible patients can get an Uloric savings card, which entitles them to a discount on refills until March 31, 2015. With this card, patients need to pay only $15 for a month’s dose (maximum total discount is $75). The card, however, must be shown to the pharmacist when the patient goes to get a refill. This card is only valid if your gout medicines are not covered by a state or federal healthcare plan.

Uloric Gout Guarantee

Uloric is the first FDA approved prescription gout medicine.


This product is not a natural medication and has serious side effects and should only be taken if prescribed by a physician. Even though it is approved by the FDA and is covered under some insurance plans, it is not the best option for gout patients.

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