Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus is a product which will help relieve the symptoms of Gout. Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus is made by Lytham Body.  Montmorency Cherries are also known as the sour cherry, the cherries high antioxidants and high carbohydrates contents offer added nutrition. Each caplet of Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus contains 750mg of Montmorency cherries,  and ensures great results when used in conjunction with a healthy life style. Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus is easy to spot in its white bottle with a green and yellow label. I looked into the ingredients, cost and guarantee of Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus to see if it really could help gout sufferers.

Ingredients In Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus

Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus contains 100% Pure Montmorency Cherry extract with 750 mg per caplets.

Dosage Of Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus

It is recommended you take  1-2 caplets per day of Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus

How Much Does It Cost?

Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus is currently on sale for just £15.57 or approximately $25.35. This is a reduction from the normal price of  £27.57 ($44.88).  This is for 90 caplets of product, or approximately $0.28 per caplets.  A bottle of Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus will last between three and one and a half months.

Is It Guaranteed?

No, I was unable to find any guarantee for Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus on the Lytham Body website.

I was able to find many customer reviews on the Amazon page.  Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus has a 4.5/5 star review from 18 customers, this is a very good sign for prospective buyers.

Closing Comments

Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus is a product which will help gout sufferers with the pain associated with a gout attack. It contains 100% pure Montmorency Cherries and costs around $25.35 for 90 caplets which will last you between 45 and 90 days. The price is not the cheapest or the most expensive gout treatment supplement, but customer reviews were very positive suggesting that the product works, so the price is justified. Unfortunately I could not find a money-back guarantee on the Lytham Body website for Pure Montmorency Cherry Plus, this is unfortunate as some customers find this a comfort.

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