InflammaGo is a temporary homeopathic treatment for joint and muscle pain. It is natural and non-addictive and is not just useful for gout patients but can also be used to relieve general muscle soreness or ache.

It also soothes membranes and helps keeps bones and cartilage healthy. Using this remedy keeps joints flexible and motile, reduces stiffness and muscle fatigue.


Ingredients In InflammaGo Gout Relief Supplements

  • Arnica – Speeds up healing of joints and injuries.
  • Dulcamara – Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Bryonia – Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Berberis – Controls radiating pain.
  • Rhus rox – Reduces temperature sensitive pain that becomes worse during cold.

Dosage Of InflammaGo Gout Relief Supplements

Adults can take 0.5ml of InflammaGo orally directly or mixed with ¼ cup water 3-5 times a day, while for children, this dosage should be reduced to half. It should ideally be taken 10 minutes after meals or half an hour after brushing your teeth.


While a single bottle is priced for $39.95, buying 3 bottles together gets you a discounted price of $26.63 per bottle. You can also save an additional 5% by choosing to get a bottle auto-delivered every 8 weeks. A 2oz bottle lasts a month if used regularly.


InflammaGo is available with a 1-year unconditional guarantee. It is manufactured in a FDA approved facility using GMP practices and homeopathic doctors supervise the process. The ingredients used have been approved as homeopathic remedies in the United States.

Overall Value

This product is priced at $26.63 a bottle, which is quite expensive considering the fact that it is only a temporary pain remedy and does not remove the underlying problem in gout, that is, does not control uric acid level or help in its elimination.

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