How Cherry Juice & Diet Control Gout

Eating a healthy diet with cherry juice can help gout sufferers relieve the inflammation that can sometimes be debilitating. Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that comes on suddenly and causes severe pain and swelling to a single joint or sometimes more than one joint. If gout is not treated quickly after onset, flares will continue to come and go over months or even years after the first attack. Each gout attack after the first tends to last longer and can cause significant disability.

Whatever gout cure you choose, a healthy gout diet with cherry juice can help your body recover faster and easier. The use of complimentary herbal remedies are usually very safe together with prescription medications, and these help the body to flush out excess uric acid – the main culprit in this disease.

Healthy Gout DietHealthy Gout Diet With Cherry Juice

First, you will need to focus on some dietary changes. The reason is, gout is caused by elevated uric acid levels in the blood. Uric acid is a waste product from purines that come from our diet. Diet is the single most important factor for controlling gout, and you need to eat less foods that are high in purines. These include; red meat, herring, sardines, organ meats, and scallops. It wouldn’t even hurt to not eat these foods at all during an acute gout attack. Healthy alternatives include; lean turkey, chicken, and salmon.

Second, you must increase the amount of water that you drink each day. Normally, you would shoot for about 8 glasses of water each day. When you are suffering from gout, it is best to increase that amount to 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This helps flush out excess uric acid from the body and can relieve pain and slow the flare-ups.

Put Together a Healthy Eating Plan

Eating healthy in general can prevent many diseases. It is especially important to eat healthy when you are suffering from gout because the more purine foods that you eat the worse the attack will feel. Changing your diet as soon as symptoms appear, gets you through much more easily. If you try to eat the same way you have been prior to the attack, your pain will become more intense.

Your doctor will most likely prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and gout medications. However, in order for these to work properly you need to stop eating the foods that elevate uric acid levels and remind yourself to drink water. Coming up with a healthy eating plan can help you manage these changes. You can also add in age old home remedies to increase your healing. Make up a menu plan with the necessary water you need to drink and hang a copy on your fridge and keep a copy with you. Stick to it!

Healthy Gout Diet With Cherry JuiceYou must lose weight if you are overweight and try not to gain weight during the attack. This can be hard for some when gout restricts movement. Don’t diet too much because your body needs calories to recover. Eat sensibly and the weight will come off naturally. After you begin to lose weight, the pain will start to become less intense.

An Age Old Remedy: Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is a safe all-natural and extremely effective gout cure that is very cheap and easy to obtain. Researchers have found that people who eat large amounts of cherries have less inflammation in their bodies. Cherry juice can even help to flush out uric acid and prevent it from forming uric acid crystals in the joint areas.

The type of cherries that you use are up to your individual preference. If you eat cherries, it is recommended you eat at least ½ a pound a day. You can also use a cherry concentrate at about 1 Tbsp. daily. Cherry juice is available in most health food stores and you can drink as much as you can tolerate. Cherries are also low on the glycemic index or low in sugar. Diabetics should still check with their doctor or nutritionist for safe amounts.